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Acumen Assessment

The Acumen Assessment Center is a powerful application for measuring the effectiveness of your training. Designed to make assessment and evaluation an accurate and regular process, the Acumen Assessment tools mean you can improve completion, check retention, and quantify the return on your investment in training.

The Acumen Assessment Center makes it easy to:

Create tests, quizzes, evaluations and formal examinations with a variety of question types
Launch and disseminate either synchronous or asynchronous examinations
Allow targeted and restricted access to examinations for people or groups
Link specified tests and exams to certifications and qualifications
Create timed or un-timed examinations
Automatically mark tests and examinations
Return results with explanations and recommendations
Analyse and report results in real time, graphically and numerically

The Acumen Assessment Center enables:

Managers   Managers to:
  • measure knowledge gained and retained
  • identify skills gaps and provide additional resources

  • conduct evaluations of training offerings
  • analyse and report results



Users to:
  • take self-tests and identify knowledge gaps
  • improve performance and upgrade skills with
    additional training

  • provide valuable feedback to managers
  • assume responsibility for their professional