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Acumen eLearning

Acumen belongs to a new generation of eLearning. Crafted by experts skilled in the art of knowledge transfer, Acumen is unequalled in scope, interaction and innovation. Acumen is an advanced eLearning system which utilises the very latest online techniques, including simulation and interactive case studies, to enrich and reinforce the process of knowledge transfer. With Acumen users can acquire skills as well as knowledge.

Acumen eLearning for Finance has been carefully designed by the global leaders in the creation of sophisticated financial simulations. This expertise has been blended with unrivalled experience in financial markets training, and content from leading professionals, to produce a truly compelling and powerful online learning experience focused on the world of finance.

Acumen combines a flexible, modular structure with leading-edge techniques to create the most effective and user-friendly online training system available to the financial sector. The system has been structured to provide a smooth and progressive track from finance basics through to advanced concepts. Embedded simulation segments allow Acumen to capture the compulsive and engaging qualities of application through simulation online. Interactive case studies allow users to "walk" through realistic scenarios and explore the consequences of their decisions.

Acumen eLearning is the only online financial learning system designed to link seamlessly with instructor-led training and a portfolio of sophisticated simulations, to create a unique, multi-faceted blended-learning experience, which delivers fast, quantifiable results. 

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