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Integrated Solutions

Effective Enterprise Knowledge Management

In an increasingly competitive global business environment where knowledge and information are the currency of success, intellectual capital is an increasingly valuable asset. Capturing, sharing and managing existing knowledge, motivating and enabling people to acquire new skills and enhanced performance, are vital keys to success in a rapidly changing and global market where cost matters. Companies with the vision to use the power of technology as an aid to empowering the workforce through targeted education, and who are more able to respond swiftly to the challenges and opportunities of change, will be positioned to win.

Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena –
Learning Technology for the Future

The Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena (ELA) offers a new generation of enterprise applications. Designed to help your company meet the challenges of the future by enabling change and empowering people to develop new skills and share knowledge without the huge costs associated with most enterprise systems.
Created using the latest web technology, the Acumen ELA will provide a powerful infrastructure to support, rather than limit, future innovation. Real-time knowledge management across the extended enterprise will enable learning initiatives to be efficiently aligned to specific business strategies. Acumen learning technology will provide easy access to learning, increase motivation, improve retention, enhance performance, and reduce costs.

Acumen is an Investment in Knowledge

The Acumen ELA is a complete suite of applications and tools which offers a robust and flexible infrastructure for managing and promoting employee development and maximising the total knowledge capital of the business. Your people can benefit from the increased opportunities of receiving relevant knowledge rapidly, anywhere on the globe, wherever your business operates.

The open architecture of the Acumen ELA has been designed to grow and develop with your business without the need for expensive upgrades. It offers an enduring investment for your firm and for your employees.

Carefully designed as a totally integrated global solution, the Acumen ELA also has the flexibility to interface with heritage systems for the rapid exchange of information. Application integration and interoperability are issues addressed from the outset.

Acumen Enterprise eLearning Solutions – real power, real value, real results

Whether hosted or installed, the Acumen ELA can be quickly configured to meet the unique requirements of each business. Months of expensive modifications will not be necessary. The Acumen ELA will be ready to start working for your people and your business within weeks.

Capable of launching any content meeting industry standards (e.g. SCORM), the Acumen ELA is an invaluable tool for driving global professional development. The Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena will deliver a dynamic learning environment, maximum results, and a real return on investment.