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Tools and Products

The Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena is an advanced and powerful solution for managing all enterprise-wide training. The system comprises four integrated and complementary applications:

Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena - Learning paths, Acumen LMS, Acumen content, Acumen Assessment

Together these provide a solid infrastructure for total strategic knowledge management which is innovative, robust, and completely scalable at a realistic price.

The Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena is designed to be quickly and easily implemented. The system has an open architecture with a high degree of flexibility for trouble-free customization.

Reliability and straightforward maintenance make the Acumen ELA an extremely efficient and cost-effective enterprise application. Managers, learners and the business as a whole, will all derive immediate benefits from the Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena.

The Acumen Enterprise Learning Arena will create a dynamic knowledge-based community within the firm. It can increase employee development and motivation, and help deliver the tools which will lead to the successful attainment of business objectives.