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Acumen Content

As a leading provider of professional eLearning for the financial markets, Acumen has developed a comprehensive catalogue of over 1,200 modules arranged in over 400 courses covering a wide range of financial and related topics.

Acumen currently provides over 2,000 hours of highly interactive and engaging learning. Structured to flow from foundation topics to advanced concepts, Acumen provides a solid foundation of knowledge, as well as providing a challenge for more advanced learners.

Acumen has complete volumes covering the following subject areas:

Statistical and Finance Foundations
Foreign Exchange
Fixed Income
Equities and Equity Derivatives
Credit Derivatives
Risk Management
Asset Management
Corporate Finance
Bank Asset and Liability Management
Wealth Management
Life Cycle of a Trade
FINRA Exam Preparation
Firm Element Continuing Education

Regulatory Essentials

Financial Crime Essentials
Banking/Building Society Essentials
Mortgage Essentials
Business Essentials
Microsoft Suite
Soft Skills eBriefings

... and more content is being added on a regular basis. To find out about the latest developments, contact us or submit an enquiry.