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Blended Learning Solutions

Blended learning is at the heart of our training philosophy...

Your firm can benefit from a combination of Acumen’s powerful learning technology and the wide-ranging expertise of our training professionals. Using our global experience of designing and delivering corporate education, we can evaluate current training practices, identify gaps, and advise on an effective blended-learning strategy focused and mapped to the specific business goals of the firm.

We create truly blended learning by combining three essential elements:

  • Highly interactive eLearning
  • Top quality instructor-led training
  • Realistic and exciting simulations

This dynamic blend provides the most powerful training experience available for developing skills and abilities, and dramatically improving performance. Passive learning is kept to a minimum and the emphasis is on the application of theory to practice at every stage. This integrated approach maintains focus and motivation and encourages learning through discovery – the most effective way to retain knowledge and develop real skills.

The Acumen team can design and implement a dynamic blended-learning curriculum, tailored to the needs and objectives of your business and your people. We can advise on the most effective composition of the blend, guided by your goals, objectives and resources, and the nature of your business.

Acumen can identify the best delivery method for each component of your tailored curriculum. We can provide highly interactive eLearning content, or create engaging content specifically for your firm. The composition may include compelling business simulations from our extensive portfolio, or a simulation customised or created specifically for your firm. Acumen can provide first-rate instructors, experienced in delivering blended programs, or work with your people to ensure your learning initiative delivers the maximum return on investment.

Acumen offers solutions at all levels, from entry-level to executive coaching. To find out how your company can benefit from Acumen’s Blended Learning Solutions, please contact us for a consultation or submit an enquiry.