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Learning Paths

You know where you are, and you know where you want to go. The question is, how do you get there? Acumen Learning Paths were developed to accelerate your progress so that you can achieve your goals thoughtfully, systematically, and quickly.

Learning Paths outline the courses you need along the way, and the order in which you ought to take them. Within each Learning Path you'll find a series of courses that follow a natural progression and build on each other, delivering a powerful synergy of both theory and practical skills. Like a roadmap, each Learning Path provides you with a clear and effective route to your career destination.

To get started, Acumen comes with a number of pre-built subject areas and associated learning paths, like the examples pictured below:

Accounting Learning PathALM Learning PathCredit Derivatives Learning Path
Corporate Finance Learning PathCommodities Learning PathCompliance Learning Path
Credit Analyst Learning PathDerivatives Learning PathEnergy Learning Path
Fixed Income Analyst Learning PathFoundation Curriculum Learning PathWealth Management Learning Path
Islamic Finance Learning PathOperations and IT Learning PathOptions Learning Path
PRMIA Learning PathRisk Management Learning PathWealth Management Learning Path