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Strategic eLearning

eLearning can dramatically cut training costs and play an invaluable role in disseminating information quickly over the entire enterprise. An eLearning initiative delivers the highest returns when it is part of a strategic decision rather the answer to a short-term need, although it can also be extremely effective for just-in-time learning. To be really successful an eLearning initiative must be supported from the top, embraced by the workforce as a tool for improving knowledge, performance and personal development, and be clearly linked to business objectives.

Whether upgrading an existing curriculum, or developing a training strategy to support new corporate business goals, Acumen can help you to achieve a workforce with the relevant skills and motivation to support current goals and to meet the challenges of the future. From recruitment to executive development, eLearning – in a rich variety of delivery formats and instructional styles – can get the right knowledge to the right people quickly and efficiently.

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