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Welcome to Acumen Technologies 
providing Global eLearning Solutions

Acumen Technologies is dedicated to providing cutting-edge total solutions for enterprise-wide training and knowledge management. In a global business environment where knowledge and information are the currency of success, intellectual capital is an increasingly valuable asset.

The powerful Acumen applications – LMSLearning PortalAcumen eLearning Content (which specialises in banking and financial markets), and Acumen Assessment – coupled with Acumen's expertise, can transform firm-wide knowledge and talent management into a vital part of strategic business management. Employees, clients, and partners can all contribute and benefit from our global eLearning solutions.

Capturing, sharing and managing existing knowledge, motivating and enabling people to acquire new skills and enhanced performance, are vital keys to success in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global market. Companies with the vision to use the power of technology as an aid to empowering the workforce through targeted education, and who are more able to respond swiftly to the challenges and opportunities of change, will be positioned to win.

Strategic, personalized learning, closely aligned to business objectives, coupled with easy access to centralized knowledge capital, can deliver dramatic improvement in business performance. Acumen offers all the tools to make this a reality.

Explore our products and services to see how Acumen can provide global eLearning solutions for strategic enterprise education.

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