Acumen Ultra - Global Learning Solutions
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Acumen Key Features

Acumen has a wealth of functions and features as standard:

Content which is engaging, relevant, up-to-date, and highly interactive.
Instructional design which ensures activity rather than passivity.
The Acumen methodology which includes:
  •  Evaluation – students test their knowledge before learning
  •  Interaction – students learn actively not passively
  •  Application – simulation techniques allow users to put theory into practice
  •  Participation – learners are constantly engaged and motivated
  •  Verification – challenging examinations monitor retention levels
Standards Compliance – Acumen eLearning meets SCORM and AICC standards.
Simulations that bring theory to life.
Interactive case studies which respond to users' decisions.
'Live' formula repository with real-time calculation.
Comprehensive searchable glossaries.
Online Calculators.
The Acumen Assessment Centre, which enables rapid and efficient online testing for performance evaluation.
SwiftSearch – Acumen’s powerful, lightning-quick search engine which finds the right answers fast.
Collaboration tools for real time knowledge sharing.
The Acumen Hyperlink index – all relevant topics and terms in Acumen content have comprehensive hyperlinks, so that learners can rapidly follow the learning thread from introductory to advanced concepts, and explore related branches on the knowledge tree.
Comprehensive tracking and performance assessment facilities.

... and a whole lot more. Contact us to arrange a demonstration, or submit an enquiry.